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2021 Water Testing

Please see the results of our June 15th, 2021 water sampling program by clicking HERE. The data pertains to the day of the testing and at the five usual locations in our Lakes and River system. The data suggest that our water quality is suitable for swimming throughout our system. The Phosphorus levels appear slightly higher in some areas but still well below the standard. 

Note the lake and river water cannot be consumed without properly disinfecting and filtering. E. Coli levels must be zero for drinking water. Also, note that even though the East Moore Lake water registered zero for E. Coli I would not recommend that the lake water  be consumed untreated as we know the East Moore Lake water usually has E. Coli present.

Respectfully submitted by Anton  Davies, Lake Steward

Fire Risk Site

There is a new website for fire risk status and where you can apply for burn permits and firework permits online.

Fireworks are only permitted without a permit on designated holiday dates like Canada Day (if there is not a fire ban)  The firework permits however, are free of charge this year.  Charge for not having a permit is $485!  Here is the link for permits


Septic Re-Inspection Program

Many of our property owners have received the letters regarding the septic inspections with a deadline of June 18th to book an inspection appointment.  Below is more information from the Township of Minden Hills. 


Note that it is recommended NOT to get a pump out prior to the inspection as they want to see the septic system in proper working order and it takes a month or more to reestablish the bacteria levels etc after a pump out.  It is also suggested that neighbours may wish to book together as long as there is at least one adult present during the inspection.  Someone else can oversee your inspection with your approval in the event that you cannot make it to your property during a week day for instance as they have very little weekend appointments available.   They are finding approximately 30% of septic systems they are inspecting so far have something flagged, but that could be as minor as just needing a pump out.   

Septic Re-Inspection Program
The Township of Minden Hills has implemented a mandatory Septic Re-Inspection Program for its residents. WSP Canada Inc. (WSP) is administrating the Septic Re-Inspection Program on behalf of the Township and will be starting inspections in 2021. The Septic Re-Inspection Program is a mandatory program that has been initiated by the Township to help preserve and protect surface water and groundwater quality. 
For further information, contact WSP Canada Inc. at 289-984-0448 or

Moore Falls Portage Presentation

On February 1st, the following presentation to council was made by  Pam Sayne,  Councillor Ward 2- Municipality of Minden Hills.  She can be reached at  Tel: 705 455 2442


Request: Motion that Council receive this report and support the communities request that the Province provide the Environmental Assessment for the property they own, allowing the Provincial, Federal, and local planning of this portage to proceed. (See map of property.) And, that staff investigate any insurance or other legal concerns for the Township supporting this initiative and report back to Council.

The following site plans presented are also available for viewing


- Moore Falls Site Plan

- Proposed Portage placement

- Portage Trail Concept Study

Important Members Update (Email received on January 5, 2021 to send to all Lake Association members) 

Full video of November meeting can be found here

To all C.H.A. Members 


The public meeting for the proposed Shoreline Preservation by law will be held on February 24th between 1 and 4 pm

As we get ready for that we want to share some factual information on the proposed by law


  • The purpose of the by law is to help protect our water quality by protecting the small amount of Natural Shoreline we have left

    • The Ministry of Environment’s Action Plan On Reducing Blue Green Algae Blooms identifies Natural Shorelines as very important

    • The C.H.A. and its member associations have been asking for protection of our shorelines for over 4 years 

  • The record number of algae blooms we saw this year demonstrates the need for this by law as natural shoreline captures the phosphorous that can trigger a bloom before the phosphorous can enter our lakes

    • One algae bloom on your lake can reduce property values by 30%

  • At this point the County plans on hiring one full time employee to administer the new by law.  That person will also take on the job currently done by an outside contractor, for the tree cutting by law. Therefore the added cost could be approximately $100,000 – a small cost given that the value of lakefront property in the County is more than $7 billion.

  • The by law does not change the existing 30 metre setback for construction that has been in place in all 4 municipalities for many years

  • Current buildings are grandfathered

  • The cost for a permit is proposed at $0

    • Most folks will be able to fill out their own permit application with hand drawings being acceptable 

Happy New Year all.



Protect your Lake - Septic Health & Natural Shorelines

Paul MacInnes – Chair



Water Testing Report

Posted: August 17, 2020

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